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Retirement Financial Group

Retirement Financial Group

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Our business really focuses and caters to people from ages 55 through the rest of their retirement life. Are you concerned about running out of income? We are an independent firm under the Fiduciary standard, putting our clients first. Our specialty and number one priority is creating your retirement income plan. In our opinion, income is the only thing that keeps you retired. Our mission is to treat our clients like we do our loved ones; with care and respect. We enter into long-lasting relationships with our clients where we are committed to helping them design, develop, understand and execute a retirement plan that meets their needs. There are no two clients with identical situations, so each plan is customized to meet the needs of the individual client. Retirement myth #1, you do not have to have a million dollars to retire!

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Ms. Gidget Bergeron
Marketing Director/Office Mgr