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Process Technical Services Intl.


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About Us

Process Technical Services (PTS) is a leading global provider of process plant operations and technical support services. We offer professional services including staffing for a variety of positions, ranging from short-term specialist contracts to long-term training, precommissioning, commissioning, startup management, and post operational support. Founded in 1987, PTS is a veteran in the industry and has earned a reputation as a trusted provider through a long track record of unmatched delivery and performance standards. We provide high-level expertise and proven methodologies to benefit the bottom lines of our clients. Partnering with us for all your project management needs offers proven processes and expert staff, resulting in accurate and efficient execution, reduced project spend, and on time startups.Our team of experienced and highly skilled professional, technical, and operational personnel are experts in plant process operations. We help companies streamline and simplify initiatives, complete projects within targeted timelines and budgets, and combat the most demanding industrial facility operational challenges. For the past 30 years, we’ve helped companies precommission, commission, startup, and operate their industrial plant facilities effectively and efficiently, while providing cost-savings and resource benefits. Our quality and expert plant services have helped companies maximize staff and operational productivity, accuracy, and safety, reduce overhead and project costs, and meet targeted timelines.

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Ms. Judy Jeffcoat
Office Manager