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Ribbon Cutting/Ground Breaking Agreement

This service is exclusive to Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce members in good standing.

The GBCOC will provide a ribbon cutting/groundbreaking ceremony for the following reasons:

• New GBCOC member
• New ownership
• Company name change
• Remodel/New location

Ribbon Cutting/Groundbreaking times available:

• Ribbon Cuttings are scheduled during the week
Mon. – Thurs. 10:00am – 4:00pm or Fri. 10:00am – 11:00am

Advantages of hosting a ribbon cutting or grand opening:

• Making the community aware of your new business or location.
• Opportunities to attract potential clients/customers to your place of business.
• Help in building build face-to-face relationships with other business professionals.

The Chamber staff’s responsibilities:

• Promote your ribbon cutting/groundbreaking via social media, newsletter, Chamber’s online calendar along with other publications.
• Provide ceremonial ribbon and scissors.
• Welcome guest, Introduce the owner/manager, take photo during the ribbon cutting.
• Invite Beaumont City Officials.

To make the event more successful, we suggest you take the following steps:

• Promote your event via invitation, social media or by attending GBCOC events
• We do suggest that your event does not take place during times that other organizations are meeting such as Rotary, Referral Groups, City Council, etc. We can advise you of these.
• Try to make sure the date is not close to a holiday because attendance could be lite.
• Provide refreshments of some sort but not required.
• Have plenty of information about your business such as business cards or brochures.
• Consider some sort of door prize drawing or set out promotional items for your business.

Program Planning ideas:

• Create an event agenda/program for the event (Optional)
• You may want to provide a tour of your facility as well as have key people speak.
• If available a Beaumont City official or a board member of the GBCOC will speak.

Who to invite:

Who you invite to your event is as important as hosting the event. Your invitations, if you have them, maybe as simple as an e-mail or as elaborate as a formal invitation. Be sure to include the who, what, where, why, and when. The following are suggestions of people to consider when creating your invitation list:

~ Current and potential customers
~ Family and friends
~ Suppliers
~ Your employees and their guests
~ Media

~ Those who helped you get started: The banker, accountant, builder, etc.
~ Neighboring business people

** Note the Chamber will contact Beaumont city officials
Address, City, State, Zip
Business Contact
Please select 3 different perspective dates and times that would work for your event. Try to make them a minimum of 4 weeks out so that we can promote your event through social media, email and our website.
Format: M/d/yyyy hh:mm AM/PM
Format: M/d/yyyy hh:mm AM/PM
Format: M/d/yyyy hh:mm AM/PM